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Heart rate monitoring with Windows Phone 8

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2017 10:53AM EET
We now have an app for WP8 phones that has the heart rate monitoring support. 
To enable HR monitoring, you need to have a Sports Tracker HRM1 or HRM2 heart rate belt (if you don't have one yet, you can purchase HRM2 from )
Once you have the belt, you need to first pair the belt with your phone. Moisten the belts electrodes and then wear the belt. Go to phone's settings and open bluetooth settings. Enable bluetooth and find and pair the belt. Once connected, connection stays on for a few seconds but then disables and goes to “sleep” until you open the application. Now open Sports Tracker, go to settings, scroll right to find HR settings and connect the belt from the app. Now you're all set.
(If you go to your Bluetooth settings now you should be able to see the HRM connected.) 

If the Phone can't find the HRM
Unpair all the devices from the Bluetooth list and Reboot the phone.

There is no Bluetooth Smart (4.0) support for Sports Tracker application.
 The WP7 platform doesn't support the necessary Bluetooth profile, so unfortunately it is impossible for us to add HR support for Windows phones with OS 7.x.

The app doesn’t work with Polar Wearlink with Bluetooth.

Remember to wash the strap every now and then in a washing machine. Instructions 

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