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Troubleshooting for ST HRM2

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 03:18PM EET
Remember to wash the strap in a washing machine after every fifth use in order to prevent connection problems. Read our washing instructions here

If you are having problems with your Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Tracker app please read through this troubleshooting document.
To first eliminate simple skin contact problems, check that:
    • you have properly moistened the contact pads on the strap
    • the strap is tight but still comfortable
    • the strap is positioned just below the chest line (on men) or just below the breasts (women).
    • heart rate module is attached correctly so that the Sports Tracker logo is facing outside in upright position
Problem: I try to pair, but cannot see my HRM2 in the list of Bluetooth devices.
  • Make sure you have HRM2, which uses the standard Bluetooth. (If you have HRM SMART, it is not visible for pairing at all)
  • To be able to get a connection, you have to wear the monitor on your body, so check the above how to attach it properly.
  • Check that you have charged the transmitter module with the USB-charger. It should gain full charge in less than 4 hours.
  • Turn off the phone's Bluetooth and detach the transmitter module from the strap and wait for at least 30 seconds. Now the module shuts down. Turn on phone's Bluetooth and attach the transmitter module to the strap. 
  • If still not visible, we recommend restarting your phone. Also detach the transmitter module and put it on after you have returned to Bluetooth settings and turned the Bluetooth on again.
  • Note: Symbian S60 phones need to be connected from the application's "heart rate wizard". You will not be able to connect it through the phone's Bluetooth settings.
Problem: I try to pair,  but get "Pairing failed"
  • This might happen if the phone or HRM2 have been used with multiple Bluetooth devices. To reset, first make sure the HRM2 is closed by detaching it from the strap for 30 seconds. In phone's Bluetooth settings, check whether HRM2 is still visible in list. If it is, open it from arrow and select 'Forget belt'. Now restart your phone and try pairing again.

Problem: I have paired and used HRM2 successfully, but now it won't connect at all even though it's fully recharged.
  • This can occur if HRM2 has been used with multiple phones. To reset, first make sure the HRM2 is closed by detaching it from the strap for 30 seconds. Restart your phone. Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and turn Bluetooth on. Wear the strap and connect HRM2 module to it. If you see "ST HRM2 not connected >", tap the center of the element. This forces re-connect and should remove the problem. If you get error message, see the instructions for case "Pairing failed".
Problem: There are always big changes or peaks in the heart rate:
  • This means that the contact to your skin is not good or the position is wrong. Make sure you have moistened the strap's contact pads properly with water and you are wearing it tightly enough. In dry conditions we recommend also to use a moisturizer on your skin to make sure the belt doesn't get dry during workout. People with a very dry skin type may always have to use contact gel on the contact pads. You can find contact gel in pharmacies.
  • Positioning the strap on correct height is extremely important. If the strap is not just below the chest line (on men) or below the breasts (on women), it may not measure heart rate correctly.
  • Washing the belt often enough in a washing machine. See Washing and maintenance.
Problem: At some point of workout, the heart rate seems to get erratic and stay that way.
  • This is a typical problem on long workouts where upper body and arms are used a lot: strap simply slips slightly downwards from the optimal position. Check that strap is tight enough, and simply re-position the strap if you feel that it's not anymore in the optimal position.

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