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Last Updated: Apr 14, 2016 12:28PM EEST
Information about the new Sports Tracker by Suunto Smart Sensor memory feature -
now you can track you heart rate even when e.g. swimming:

- Recording of heart rate begins instantly as you wear the hrm and will continue until the memory is full (depends on the heart rate - the recording time is approx 3.5hrs at 120bpm).
- The hrm itself has no indication whether it's on and recording. You can check the heart rate using your Sports Tracker app. Heart rate data is stored to memory automatically regardless of whether Sports Tracker app is connected with it or whether Bluetooth is on.
- Recorded data can be transferred to Sports Tracker app right after your workout. Simply go to Diary and press '+' to add a workout. After all data is transferred you can choose whether to use it or not. Then simply check all details before saving workout and you're done.
- If you wish to mark the ending of workout exactly, you can remove the heart rate monitor from your chest. You have then 5 minutes to transfer data to Sports Tracker app. After that sensor goes to sleep and data is erased.
- Sports Tracker supports two heart rate monitors with memory feature: Sports Tracker Smart Sensor and Suunto Smart Sensor. They are both Bluetooth Smart devices and therefore require the phone to support Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0 or above).

Please note:

- Bluetooth needs to be on when reading heart rate data in the Add Workout view.
- Heart rate monitor needs to be paired in the Sports Tracker app settings first.
- Android only: If heart rate monitor has already been paired before with earlier Sports Tracker version, which doesn't support memory import, it needs to be paired again in the app settings.
- Recorded data remains in the heart rate monitor’s memory for only as long as the module is on. This means 5 minutes after it has been taken off. When the module shuts down after the 5 minute mark, the recorded data still in the belt’s memory is lost permanently.
- If using heart rate monitor with multiple host devices (such as phone and watch), let the sensor shut down first before changing host device.


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