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Last Updated: Feb 07, 2017 09:44AM EET

The voice feedback uses TTS (text to speech) technology, so the feedback language is available in those languages that also our app exists in. Currently our app is available in  Catalan, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian (3.9.18->)

Note: If your voice engine doesn't support your phone language The voice feedback will be in English.

You need to choose a voice engine (you can find several in Google Play) that supports your desired language. If it doesn't work, please try another voice engine.

To set up and use Text To Speech, follow these steps: 

Depending on your phone model it should happen somewhat like this 

  1. Tap Settings. 
  2. Scroll to “SYSTEM”, then tap Language & input. 
  3. Under "SPEECH", tap Text-to-speech options. 
  4. Select desired TTS engine: “xx Text-to-speech Engine” 
  5. Next to the desired search engine, tap the Settings icon. 
  6. Tap Install voice data.  
  7. Next to the desired language, tap Download or the Download icon. 
  8. Wait as the language downloads. It may take a few minutes. 
  9. Tap the Back key.
  10. Tap Language to select the language. 

Note: The desired language may already be downloaded. However, you have the option of downloading a higher quality version.

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