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Is my Sports watch compatible with ST for iPhones?

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 03:23PM EET

Sports Tracker is compatible with Apple watch at the moment. 

Other Sports Watches or activity trackers are not supported at the moment.
Not supported e.g. Samsung Gear, Fitbit or other OS.

  • Apple Watch series 2 has an in-build Heart Rate Monitor but it is not available for Sports Tracker at the moment. For Heart Rate monitoring we recommend this or this
  • You can't use Sports Tracker app in a stand alone mode. You need a phone with you. 

How it works 

First, pair the watch with the phone's Apple Watch app. Then go to the Apple Watch app and choose Sports Tracker and turn it on (Show App on Apple Watch). 

At the moment, you need to open the Sports Tracker app on your phone to the tracking view (Start new workout/ Continue), but then you can put the phone in your pocket and start the workout with your watch using the "Start" button. 

During the workout, the Force tap brings out the pause controls (pause/resume). You can end the workout with the "Stop" button and you'll get a summary of your workout. 

To follow your heart rate, we recommend using a heart rate monitor that uses Bluetooth Smart technology. 
You can select activity type and start workout from watch.   

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