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How to install the Speed & Cadence Sensor?

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017 12:32PM EET
Please follow these instructions carefully to install your Speed & Cadence Sensor:

Place the sensor on the left chainstay
with the Sports Tracker logo facing
outwards. The sensor arm must reside
between the chainstay and the rear
wheel. Attach the sensor to the chainstay
with the supplied rubber band or zip ties
(recommended). Don’t tighten yet.

Remove the left pedal. Slide the
cadence magnet on the crank, with the
magnet facing the sensor. Align the
magnet with the notch on the top of the
sensor body.

Adjust the gap between the sensor
and the magnet to less than 4mm
(about 1/8 inches).

Install the spoke magnet. Adjust the
distance between the sensor arm and the
magnet to less than 4mm (about 1/8 in.). If
needed, you may slightly loosen the sensor
arm screw with a 2mm Allen wrench.

5. Tighten the spoke magnet and the
sensor arm firmly. If using zip ties to
hold the sensor body in place, tighten
them now. Re-install the left pedal.

6. Start Sports Tracker app and go to
Settings > Cadence. Follow the
instructions to pair and connect the
sensor with your phone.

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