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Login on Android phone doesn't work

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2016 01:40PM EET
If you are facing problems with login, please try to reset your password here
**Remember to carefully check your spam folder or if using Gmail the "Social" folder, when looking for the email.**

If you don't get an email, please contact us giving your username and email address.

If you get an email, but the link doesn't work, please send us the link and we'll change it for you.

This is due to a recent issue with our servers, a small amount of user account passwords were deleted, so you'll need to change the password. 

Note! At the moment you can't use special characters like ! # & in your password

If you have problems to login with your phone, try to change the network provider (if you are using wifi, switch to data connection or another wifi connection or if you're using data, switch to wifi). 

Contact Us inside the app

Android: Settings - Help

iOS: Profile - Help & Feedback

Or use this Form

Phone service is not available