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HRM doesn't connect with phone anymore - Doesn't charge

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014 12:49PM EEST

If you have problems getting the monitor to connect with the phone, please read the following:

  • Make sure there is only one phone around (with Bluetooth on).
  • Go to the Sports Tracker settings and forget the belt (only in iPhones). Do this to all the phones you have used the HRM with.
  • Then close the ST program, try to un-pair the HRM from the phone's settings, switch off the Bluetooth.
  • Detach the module from the belt or charger for several (min 10) minutes (to shut it down). Turn on the Bluetooth. Try to pair it from the phone's settings while wearing the belt properly and then connect it from the Sports Tracker heart rate belt settings.
  • After using the belt for a while try to charge it. Note that it can take several workouts before the belt can be charged (the red indicator lights up).
Symbian phones:
Try the following:
Delete the pairing from the phone and your memory card by deleting this file     /sportstracker2/ config.dat (on both)
After this you need to pair the HRM again. And also do a test workout for like 1 min for regaining the connection with our web server before doing real workout. Save and synchronize (delete later)

Windows 7 Phones:
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